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Tickets are on sale now for our next pantomime Dick Whittington.
A handsome man, Dick was him name, travelling to Old London town he came. A story of fabulous tales yet untold, hopes of finding streets paved in gold. The sewers ran full with wretched smells, a plan was hatched by fairy Bowbells. Can Dick Whittington and Tommy the cat, rid Old London town of those beastly rats?
Come and join the Halifax YMCA Pantomime society and laugh, sing, cheer and boo your hearts out with all the family.
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Come and learn the arts and traditions of pantomime, make new friends and have fun.
The Halifax YMCA Pantomime Society is open to both old and prospective new members.
Get involved with any aspect of the pantomime production with no experience necessary. Working alongside the Halifax YMCA, we are a pantomime society of enthusiastic, dedicated and talented people of all ages that continuously come together to produce the highest quality and biggest amateur pantomime in Halifax and Calderdale.