Producers Blog 9th September 2010

Post date: Sep 09, 2010 9:14:16 PM

Thank you to everyone who came to the read through last night it was good to see so many new and old faces (I don’t mean age wise!).

The society and I feel very optimistic that a great show is in the making which will be full of energy and most importantly enjoyment, especially if the energy and commitment shown last night continues to grow.

The standard last night at the read through was very high and it was good to see so many youngsters wanting to get involved.It only goes to prove that you can’t believe all you read in the papers about the youth of today.

Obviously there are only so many parts and some people will unfortunately be unsuccessful but I hope they will still remain with the society and be involved in the Pantomime in some capacity.

Hope to see you all next week at the auditions.

Andy Bean (Producer)