Producers Blog December 2010

Post date: Nov 30, 2010 7:14:28 PM

First of all may I thank everyone for all their hard work, commitment and support. There is however, still a lot to do, but I am confident that if everyone continues to put in the same level of effort and commitment already shown, we will (as of the 29th January) have an absolutely brilliant Pantomime of the highest quality!


We are now moving into the most important two months with regard to publicity. We need to ensure that as many people as possible are aware of our Pantomime, before they decide to go to and see another production over Christmas. This is why the Piece Hall event was potentially so important.

Thank you to everyone including parents and friends who supported this event. Unfortunately the event was not well advertised by the Piece Hall and as a result of this and the cold weather the number of people who attended was limited. I am informed that our performance was head and shoulders above any of the others. However on a positive note, as a result of our commitment to the event the Piece Hall have said we can as of the beginning of January place one of our banners over the main entrance replacing the Victoria Theatres banner which is presently there.

As indicated above we now have two banners one of which is already on display on Huddersfield Road. We do still need a home for the second Banner so if anybody knows of anyone who has a private wall or railings which can be used to display the banner up until the end of December then please contact either myself or Andrew Hoe. Also if anyone has or knows of anyone who has a pickup type truck then we would like to use it in January as part of the publicity drive.

We are hoping to get at least two publicity articles in the Evening courier during December. One of which is in conjunction with one of our sponsors - Ziggy’s Spice House who have very kindly stated that if anyone produces a Pantomime ticket between now and the conclusion of the Pantomime, then they will receive a 10% discount on any meal. If anyone knows of any other local business which may want to do something similar then please contact me with details. If anyone else has any other publicity ideas then please let us know. However can I just say that at this present time we are in desperate need of people who will do as well as think and therefore any hands on support would be greatly appreciated.

As you know we were are doing the Pantomime in association with Victim Support who very kindly turned up at the Piece Hall to support the event. Publicity leaflets have been issued with every news letter to all volunteers and to every Connect Housing resident. We are also having an article in their national magazine.

Can everyone please ensure that they have posters and leaflets and get them displayed in all your local shops, such as sandwich shops, news agents, Hairdressers etc.

Also as you write your Christmas cards this year why not place one of the smaller leaflets in with card? These can be obtained from Andrew Hoe.

Ticket Sales

Letters have now been sent out to all schools and shortly to sports clubs.

Tickets can be purchased in one of the following ways:-

Ticket line – 07722 457839. YMCA office number – 01422 353626

Or our website

Please get all your friends and family to come and watch and get as many tickets sold as possible. If you are struggling to know what to buy people at Christmas we now have Ticket Vouchers which would make a perfect Christmas gift.

Booking Forms are now available.

Thanks for time and remember enjoy!

Andy Bean - Producer